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The most undervalued urban players - Fences

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The idea:

These city wildbeasts are some of the most disregarded surfaces of the urban safari. We decided to fix it and find a way how they can be domesticated, so everyone can benefit. This is how in summer 2020 urban games were born to encourage pedestrians to be active and enjoy their time on the street.

In the "Bauzaun" (en: "Fences") project we envisioned a playful way to interact with them by creating simple games such as Battleships, Tic-Tac-Toe and 4-in-a-row in which anyone could participate. Our 3 game prototypes were set at a street festival and we were amazed by how excited people were to play. Some even stood in the line, waiting for their turn, while commenting on others playing!

After experiencing this cool atmosphere we decided to share our materials, so you can build the same games in your neighbourhood and play! Let's start:

How we did it:

List of materials:


  • Building site Fences with concret block foot

  • Workshop with tools and ideally CNC Cutter

  • Download the CAD files on MMW website

  • Plastic cable ties

  • Sanding paper

For the game pieces:

  • Recycled wood plates 3-4cm thick

  • Spray paint

  • plastic bottle caps

For the Fixtures: (Quantities see later)

  • recycled wood plate 2cm

  • Bolt M6

  • Disk M6 6.4x18 (2 plates per set of Bolt/Nuts)

  • Nuts M6/40


Grid size: 5x5 + 5x5

Number of Fixtures: 50

Number of game pieces:

  • 1 Large boat (3 holes) x2

  • 2 Middle boats (2 holes) x2

  • 1 small boat (1 hole) x2

Central score count board:

  • Woodplate approx 1,2x0,6m

  • Laser encrave the score board

  • Wood block x2

  • Bottle caps x50

  • Bucket for bottle caps

Note for the Fixtures: Laser engrave the Fixture number on the wood plate eg: A1, A2,A3...


Grid size: 5x6

Number of Fixtures: 30

Number of game pieces: 15 Blue 15 Yellow


Grid size: 3x3

Number of Fixtures: 9

Number of game pieces: 5 Blue 5 Yellow


  1. Find building site fences to hack!

  2. Buy nescessary materials thanks to the Material list

  3. Dowload our Illustrator Template files here, get in the workshop ready to cut + laser cut

  4. Sand the cut pieces & spray paint them

  5. Pre-assemble the Fixtures & pack it for transport

  6. Assemble the Fixtures to the grid respecting the grid sizes

  7. Remeber to display your Logo somewhere

  8. You are ready to play!


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