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The Bauzaun Premiere

The idea:

On this lockdown Easter Weekend, we went on Bauzane watching in their natural Munich habitats. We also wanted to engage others to participate and have some fun on an otherwise boooring (deserted lockdown) street walk, so we planned something.

We armed ourselves with bright paint, built & found frames (thank you "zu vershenken" givers!), left pens next to them and watched what will happen.

We were afraid people would not participate.

We were wrong.

In two days we rediscovered our frames filled with sketches and wishes from the locals. They welcomed this expression space and when we took down the exhibition, people thanked us and asked if we would do it again!

How we did it:

That was a cool and easy-to-implement experience. So here is what you need to do this yourself:

  • Old frames you find or cardboard frames you make yourself

  • Big white sheets of paper (think of recycling paper from printing shops or architectural departments of universities)

  • More cardboard (look in the paper bin of your building)

  • Scissors, glue, pens, tape, string, and anything to get creative

  • Eye-catching spray paint

The Steps:

  • Spray paint the frames to make them impossible to miss

  • Cut the paper and the cardboard and tape them in the frames to create surfaces that are easy to draw on

  • Find some wild and lonely Bauzüne with a lot of pedestrian traffic in front

  • Hang the bright frames all over them, leave pens

  • Be patient, wait and see what happens!

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